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The purpose of the Contest Buddy Program is to foster camaraderie among club members, share technical knowledge and expertise about contesting and encourage contest participation. Anyone in the club can participate - as a mentor (Elmer), a student (Elmo) or both! Elmers are club members who have lots of experience in contesting, and Elmos are those who want to more about contesting. Elmers especially know lots about contest operating, station design, logging software, rig control, antennas, towers, etc. Elmos can be anyone in the club who wants to learn more about contesting from an experienced buddy.

As a Florida Contest Group member, all you have to do to be in the Contest Buddy Program is enter your information. Start by clicking on "Add Your Operator Info".

Please check your areas of knowledge and experience where you feel you can help an Elmo. If you have years of placing in the top 10 in Sweepstakes, put it down. Add comments that explain your level of expertise and specialties. Be generous in your use of comments to describe your skills. Your comments will help Elmos find the help they need.

Elmers click on Find Elmos, and select a subject to find all Elmos who have indicated a need for help with this particular subject.

Please check the areas in which you would like to learn and get help from an Elmer. Add comments about particular things in which you would like a buddy's help. Use the Additional Comments area to describe in detail the subjects in which you would like to have help.

Elmos can click on Find an Elmer and select a subject to find all Elmers who have the expertise you may be looking for.

Note: Everyone is welcome to view the information on this open web site. However, only Florida Contest Group members will be permitted to include their information in the database. To ensure the integrity of information in the database, the program administrator will review all newly added or modified information before releasing it for viewing.

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